What needs to know in vagina tightening

Is loose vagina a minor problem?

As age increases the body mechanism fails slowly. Thus with the middle ages some health problems starts to occur, immunity gets weaken. Many women deals with only the caring outer parts of the vagina, but not long the inner parts. That way the toxins accumulate inside, colour of the skin changes, odour occurs and vaginal diseases are caught.

In fact, almost all women has vaginal widening and sagging in certain sizes, dryness and decrease in the sexual drive start. The problems in the bedroom goes up to calling the woman frigid. Vagina loosening definitely causes a decrease in the quality of sexual life.

A research done by Women Association of the World gave this result: Vaginal loosening and sagging are the worst enemies of sexual health. As the result of vagina loosening, many gynecologic diseases arise. That’s why all women have to fight with this problem.
What is vagina loosening and sagging?
Woman anathomy shows that: There are some muscles and ligaments around the vagina, providing a certain stretching power. Vaginal tissue consists of many layers. Those layers by raising the friction, increase the pleasure of both man and woman.
Highly flexible elastine fibers which provide the tightness of the vagina, exist on that muscle and ligament layer. Elastine fibers are like springs providing vaginal flexibility. At the same time they store humidity in the bottom layer of the vagina. That stored humidity helps the flexibility and makes vagina slippery and smooth tissued.
Intercourse, giving birth, pregnancy, abortion and most drugs are the factors that cause vagina stretched and opened. As a result, deformation and damage in vaginal tissue occur.  Vaginal flexibility decreases, loosening and sagging in the vagina happen.
Let’s give you a secret: Find out what kind are you!

  1. Slight vaginal loosening:
    Less feeling than before while having sex, not getting pleasure of the sex, difficulty to reach the orgasm, getting caught to vaginal infections, corruption in the cervix, discharge and bad odour.
  2. Average vaginal loosening:
    Vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, yellowish or brownish stains in the pants, going to the bathroom very often, urinary urgency, air getting of the vagina while having sex and all the symptoms of slight vaginal loosening
  3. Heavy vaginal loosening:
    Feeling like vagina is a big bag, when looking at it in the mirror vagina seems like a big hole with sagging sides, incontinence and all the symptoms of slight and average vaginal loosening

What are the main reasons of gynecologic problems?
Average vagina lenght is 7-12 cm. Width is like 2 fingers wide. When it is aroused or person gets excited, the depth of it can be up to 25-30 cm, likewise its width increases as well. Male penis lenght while flaccid is 5-8 cm, in erection 8-20 cm.

After arousal, male sexual organ erects by filling with blood very quickly. When it goes into female vagina, vagina can’t stretch in time since its physical reaction is slower, vagina’s dimensions can’t adapt to penis size promptly. Until this moment penis enters up to cervix naturally, friction happens.

After a while, cervix is under serious irritation and friction. That, this part is sensitive enough to get caught by infections easily and to irritate. Long time irritation and damage cause many illnesses like cervical erosion, histeromioma and metroptosis.

As a result, all reproductive system gets into risk, hormone levels drop, immunity or reproductive system decrease, useful bacteria amounts drop and when it drops, reproductive organs remain vulnerable against harmful bacteria outside. Harmful bacteria causes many problems like PMS, abnormal white discharge, itching, polips, vaginal dryness etc.

According to the statistics, 90% of women who had sex, and 80% of women who gave birth, have various levels of vaginal loosening and sagging.

Vaginal dryness, pain while having sex, decrease in the sexual drive, air from the vagina, urinary urgency and incontinence are all problems happens due to vaginal loosening and sagging; and all these problems are big ones in a woman’s life.

4 Dangers of Vaginal Loosening and Sagging:

It is the number 1 enemy of relationship between husband and wife. Vaginal loosening prevents vagina to hold penis firmly while intercourse. It minimizes the friction. Both sides have less pleasure and satisfaction, the quality of sex decreases. Man starts to not get satisfaction of his wife. It may reach up to serious psychologic resistance, refusing each other and ending the harmony between husband and wife.

Vaginal loosening causes toxin accumulation and toxins causes gynecologic diseases. Loosened vagina corrups the self cleaning mechanism of itself. Microbes, toxins, dead cells, menstrual layer which can’t be cleaned completely, stay inside and that causes many symptoms like itching, dryness, corruption in tissue, bad odour and serious illnesses. Cervix, vagina and uterus are under serious danger.

Dryness breaks wonderfull moments. Loose and sagging vagina can’t store the humidity, thus it causes vaginal dryness. It makes it hard for penis to get in. Intercourse starts to be painful both for woman and man. That situation which can’t be finished as it must be, harms widely to the intimacy between woman and man. Vaginal dryness while the most magnificent moments go on, causes individuals getting away from sexuality gradually and psychologic problems.

Vaginal aging equals to early aging. Vaginal loosening and sagging make muscles less stretching, women hormone levels drops, ovary functions corrupt. Less hormones at the same time, makes women’s face shaggy, aged and wrinkled. Because hormones help not only the reproductive system but also help keeping the whole body and skin.


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